Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh My Fippin Daiz. I could have killed someone just now! I told her I did not want to start the engine just yet but nooo "just try". Mud ting!

It broke my heart.

"..I feel like I'm dying inside and nobody cares... Nobody loves me and I'm just a lost soul. I was born without a chance and adapted to the jungle I'm from and now I'm caged, hated and persecuted for being what I'm supposed to be... How am I meant to feel? What am I meant to do? I can once again feel myself changing, now-a-days damn near anything anyone does pisses me off and I have a hard time keeping calm. I just feel like F*** LIFE!
... Where do I go?"

So I told him about Jesus. 

I've never known anyone of such desperate, obvious need of The One And Only.

So I'm here thinkin bout this guy like, where is he? My guy fully just went silent all of a sudden. OK. 
I'm not even on ends enough to bump into him. 
"If it's meant to be, it's meant tobi" Right?

He's probably readin this now

If she had her way...

She'd read glossy magazines, but only the good stuff like Look, Essence, Vogue.
She'd be singing all the time and listen to music all day. She's musically gifted and a fast learner.
She'd take time on her apperance and know she was beautiful. However, this would not make her vain.
She'd be playful but not tomboyish. 
When asked what career she'd like to get into, she's likely to say, 'fashion designer', as she loves fabric, patterns,colour and texture. And tassles!
She'd be a strong-minded individual who knew what she wanted and would stop at nothing less to get it. 
No one could take advantage of her.
She'd be loved of many, and hated on by those who envy her.
Her wit and personality would entice those around her and she would make sure her voice is heared. She's likely to be a leader.
She'd be close with her big sister and feel like she could confide in her, and in many ways resemble her. She'd get the best advice on boys.
She'd be a daddy's girl.

If my sister had her way, she'd be living a diametrically opposed life.

In my business class this morning and the teacher was a no show, so despite efforts made to do some work, that was a flop. Mainly because one guy who works better at home was too selfish to stop talking and let those who could, work in peace. So we all gave in and listened to him in the end.
The class ended with the discussion of this particular boy wanting a woman. "I want a woman Debbie". "Really?" I responded assuming he meant a girlfriend, maybe one a  bit older than him. But no. This newly turned 18 year old boy wanted a woman. "About 28, 33 max". O boy I thought. He's lost it. "No but like guys think about it. A woman that needs the fun back in her life. She goes to work, shes stressed, separated. I even want her to have one kid. Then I knows she's really stressed n I can be that young guy that just brings the fun back in her life. But ofcourse she'll be paying for everything".LoooooooooooolThis guy couldn't be serious, could he? Oh, he was dead serious! "It's one of those things I wonna tick off from my life and look back at. It's an experience." I quote. He was so serious he mentioned all his tactics to win him over a woman. He was going to crash weddings, dine at expensive restaurants with his boy, go O2 regularly, and make sure his phone and swag was on point; then finally get a car. Talk about investment. My guy even talked about going dentist! He would wait till his victim dropped their phone or bag, or was on the train and looked upset/stressed. (Man was gonna hit rush hour. So everyone can see him make a fool of himself yeah? Silly boy.) Yes. He knew exactly how he was gonna execute this. He knew it would ony be a fling and only last about 6 months, no deep feelings just "cinema, thorpe park and drivning around". Wow. "But James" I said. "What if she turns you down, or cusses you, or just embarrases you?" "What do I have to loose?" He shrugged. "I'm only 18!" Loool. Sick guy!
Will it work? Guess we'll have to wait and see.